What We Do

At Adolene, we use the latest industrial strength  Internet of Things (IoT) technology to collect wide range of environmental and physical information and send the data to the cloud for processing, including issuing real-time alerts, advanced analytics and remote control of assets. Some of the applications include:

  • Detecting when dispensers are almost empty so they can be replaced.
  • Turning off lights and HVAC systems in rooms that aren’t being used.
  • Predicting when machines are about to fail so maintenance can be scheduled
  • Sensing poisonous gases in tunnels and grain silos
  • Complete cold-chain monitoring for food and vaccine safety
  • Asset monitoring whether the assets are stationary or in motion

With the Adolene platform, we have the potential to do all this and more. We can move data quickly and securely in real-time, allowing you to gather all sorts of data and measurements. Our sensors, which have a number of communication protocols including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Zigbee, and cellular, are small and easily scalable, making them ideal for a wide number of solutions.



Some Example Applications