At Adolene, we hide and eliminate complexity in IoT


At Adolene, we are continually looking for innovative ways to solve the world’s problems. We believe that our platform is limited only by our creativity, and we are always looking for new ideas and opportunities.


Our platform is built to be flexible, scalable, and simple to use. We are committed to easily integrating into existing platforms, systems, and businesses.


We invite you to partner with us to explore the ways that our platform can benefit you. Please contact us for a demo or email us at info@telesense.net.

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows physical objects to be sensed and controlled remotely over the cloud, creating opportunities to integrate computers with the physical world.

IoT technology has amazing potential, with varied possible applications, including:

  • detecting when dispensers are almost empty so they can be replaced.
  • turning off lights and HVAC systems in rooms that aren’t being used.
  • predicting when machines are about to fail so they can be fixed.

With the Adolene platform, we have the potential to do all this and more. We can move data quickly and securely in real-time, allowing you to gather all sorts of data and measurements. Our sensors, which have a number of communication protocols including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Zigbee, and cellular, are small and easily scalable, making them ideal for a wide number of solutions.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, our quickly growing technical team has diverse expertise in hardware design, embedded systems, network security, and enterprise software and app development. Our management is comprised of Silicon Valley veterans with extensive experience in enterprise and startup business management. For more information about our commercial and industrial environmental monitoring solutions, please visit TeleSense.

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